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Now that a second stimulus check has been approved, make sure you're set up to receive it.

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If you've moved recently -- or you're planning to soon -- add two items to your checklist: inform the USPS of your new location, and do the same with the IRS, even if it's temporary. This could help make sure your second stimulus check won't get lost in the shuffle now that a new stimulus bill has been passed.

Even if you got your first check through direct deposit and will likely receive your second payment straight into your bank account as well, you'll want to make sure you receive the IRS' letter verifying when it sent your payment. This is important for anyone who may experience an unexpected holdup receiving their check, and it contains phone numbers to reach out to the IRS economic impact payment helpline.

If you're eligible for the second stimulus check and you've moved recently, you may not receive it if the IRS doesn't have your updated mailing address, or it was sent to your old address. Follow these steps to change your address and inform the IRS so that when a second stimulus check or EIP debit card comes your way, you'll be ready to receive your payment of (likely) up to $600 per adult and child dependent.


If you don't receive your check, you may need to file a change of address.

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How to forward your US mail if you've moved

When you first move, it's important to forward your mail so you never miss an important document -- like a stimulus check. Here's how to do it.

1. In a browser window, visit

2. Fill out the form with your contact information, the date you'd like the mail to start forwarding and your old and new addresses. Make sure everything is accurate and click Next when you're ready to move on. 

3. Then, you'll need to provide your payment method. It costs $1.05 each time you forward your mailing address. Note that you can't use a prepaid credit or debit card to do this.

4. Once you've paid, you'll receive an email confirmation that your change of address has been filed.

5. At your new address, look for a USPS Confirmation Notification Letter and welcome kit in the mail. USPS notes that it can take anywhere from three business days to two weeks before you start receiving your forwarded mail.

How to let the IRS know that you have a different address

Once you've completed your change of address with USPS, you may also need to let the IRS know your new address -- especially if you haven't received the first stimulus check yet. The IRS says if you filed a 2019 tax return and didn't provide your direct deposit information, the payment will be sent to the address on file. However, if you've forwarded your mail, USPS will have the updated information to get your check to you.

If you haven't filed your taxes but plan to, use your new address. The IRS says it will update its records with your new address. If you're typically not required to file taxes and haven't received your first stimulus payment, the deadline has passed but you can still claim your payment as Recovery Rebate Credit on your taxes in 2021.

To notify the IRS of your address change, you can fill out Form 8822 or notify the IRS in writing at "the address where you filed your last return" by giving your full name, your old and new addresses, your Social Security number, individual taxpayer identification number or employer identification number, and your signature. The IRS says you can also do this by phone, but they may request additional information. Note that it can take four to six weeks for your change of address to be processed by the IRS.

For more information about stimulus checks, here's how to calculate your stimulus check total, when you could get a second stimulus check based on which group you're in and when the IRS will start sending the second stimulus checks.

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