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Unlock Huawei Honor Using An Unlock Code

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The Huawei Honor is one of the most technically advanced phones to come out of the budget specialist manufacturers.
Although some of the technical aspects of the phone have been stripped back, you will be hard-pressed to find a better smartphone delivering the type of value the Honor offers.

Because of this, it is sure to be a popular handset for mtk device flash tool million of people around the world, and likely to be a cheap-ish handsets that people want to take on a prolonged holiday with them.

Now because most phones are bought directly from a network, they often come locked to that specific network and then won't work with any other. You can set the phone to roaming, but that costs a fortune, even if you're the one receiving the text messages.

The only way around this is to unlock the phone and then start using it at a local rate.

This is where phone unlocking comes into it. It is a completely legal practice and won't impact the phones manufacturer warranty either. All you are doing is removing the network lock placed on the phone, by the network after the manufacturer has sold them the phone.

This is why your warranty stays intact by the way. The manufacturers install a process in the phone for when these locks are activated, where the owner can type in their unlock code. This is all intended by Huawei.

The first thing you will need to do is get your unlock code for the Huawei Honor.
There are some brilliant and well respected websites online to get it from, and that is one of them.

Once you have received it through email, you'll then need to follow these instructions:

1. Turn the phone on with a non-accepted SIM card.

2. The phone will now ask for the unlock code


Enter the 16 digit code you have received

The phone will now be unlocked and will accept any SIM card you can throw at it. If the phone doesn't ask for the unlock code, you may already have an unlocked phone. I would suggest at this point attempting to make a phone call to be sure.
If the phone can connect, then the phone is unlocked and you don't need to order the unlock code at all. #saving.

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